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Here on the latest news page MBS Models will post updates to our website our products and our development work. Please keep coming back to see how we are getting on.

Aug 14th 2017 – I will be attending the Gauge O Guild show at Telford on Saturday Sept 2nd if customers would like to puirchase any etches form the MBS range and you are going to Telford I can deliver them to you . Please note any purchases would have to be paid for prior to the show , please go to the  How To Order section and follow the instructions Ta , or you can phone to discuss requirements.

July 10th 2017We are hoping to have some test built samples of  Barnum coaches on show at the Gauge O Guild show in September . They will be displayed on Dave Sharps  MOK stand .

July 10th 2017Work on the GER 2-4-0 Little Sharpie test build continues etches and lost wax fittings are now in stock to complete the test build. We are hoping to have a semi-kit and or a built sample of the loco available to view at the Gauge O Guild Show in September.

July 10th 2017 We have decided to re release the 6W GCR brake van. A one piece resin body will be produced with new roof , we will use the existing etched chassis produced by GP Models . We are hoping this kit will be available early next year .

July 10th 2017After assessing the Barnum coach kits we have decided to upgrade the coach bogies . New artwork and a new tool will be produced to accommodate these changes and new lost wax fittings will be produced for the springs , axleboxes and dampers .When test builds are done we will assess the coach roof and a new preformed roof will be considered . With these upgrades on going and sourcing other items for the coaches it is not envisaged that the coaches will be available as kits before October.

May 29th 2017Images added to gallery page of a recently completed BR STD 4 built from a MOK kit.

May 4th 2017 – Work has started on releasing the GER 2-4-0 Little Sharpie as a semi-kit this will be the first project for release , along side this work has started on releasing the Barnum coaches from the GP Models range . There will be no page update for the Sharpie or a new page created for the Barnums until the kits are ready for release .Updates will be posted here on latest news and on various forums .

May 4th 2017 – MBS are pleased to annouce they have aquired the GP Models range formally marketed by the late Garth Patrick. Over time some of the documents,fittings and masters from the range have gone so work is required on these issues to enable the kits to be re released. The tools from the range have had to be withdrawn from the etchers that Garth used ( a restructoring drive on there part ) the tools will be sent to the etcher that I already use but there will inevitably be a delay before I get etches intially for test builds then for the kits themselves. Kits to be released from the original range will be the Clayton Railcar and Trailer, Barnum Coaches-third/brake-all third and the 0-6-0 J63. The wagon range will be assessed and a decision on release made at a later date .

May 4th 2017 – All our major customer commissions have been completed over the winter months no major commissions are planned until the end of the year so  MBS  now have time to devote to upgrading the GER Little Sharpie and the Midland Well Tank etches to semi-kits as described on our about page .There will be an update in latest news and on various forums when the upgrades are complete.

Oct 31st 2016 – Misc Sales items added . The kits for sale are from my own personal collection. These items are not part of the MBS range so there sales are dealt with differently. If you would like to purchase please follow the ordering criteria explained at the top of the Misc Sales page Thanks.

Oct 30th 2016 – Volute bogies sold out . Etches on order will update when back in stock estimate 6 weeks.

Aug 28th 2016I will be attending the GOG show at Telford on Sept 3rd as a visitor if anyone would like to have a chat about our products and future plans i will be around the Sansperiel stand periodically through the day . If anyone wants any etches delivering to Telford please use the ordering system on the website. If you would like to order for the show please view the criteria about ordering this is on the about page under exhibitions.

Aug 27th 2016 Commission build – photos of Sansperiel Lord Nelson added to Gallery

July 24th 2016 – 9ft Volute bogie etches now in stock.

July 24th 2016 – RTR 9ft Volute bogie available to order, please mail for details.

July 24th 2016 – Slaters wheels for 9ft Volute bogie now in stock.

July 24th 2016Slaters wheels for North London Tank and GER Little Sharpie now in stock.

July 16th 2016 – MBS Models now on Uk Model Shop Directory , Gauge O Guild traders directory and RMweb small suppliers database. b-b

June 26th 2016 – All Pre-Grouping loco etches now in stock

June 26th 2016 New email addresses added

June 11th 2016 – Model Building Service – MBS Models  website now on line.